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. jacksonville today. jacksonville finished with a dismal 2-14 record. the worst in franchise history. dave gave proof that every industry is a small industry. he plans on -- greg, his old teammate and roommate at john carroll university. it looks like tim tivo will get a homecoming invite to jacksonville. -- tebow will get a homecoming invite to jacksonville. new general's manager could not have made it more clear that tim tebow has no more of the future than mark mullarkey. >> as far as tim goes, he is a member of the new york jets. i cannot imagine a scenario where you would be a jackson jaguar. >> wow. >> i cannot imagine any circumstance. >> he could not have been more direct. >> tim tebow be the starting quarterback of jacksonville next year. [laughter] >> >> we are really lucky weatherwise in terms of temperatures. into the 60's on sunday. we will start to cool off next week when temperatures get back to normal. the forecast looks very cold. temperatures are in the teens. >> i bet you are all freaking out more than i am. [laughter] >> that is all for 11 news tonight. >> >> announcer: it's
and david duerson of the bears and others. >>> tim tebow will not be playing for the jacksonville jaguars next season. the team you a new general manager said he can't imagine a scenario in which tebow will be a jacksonville jaguar even if he is released by the new york jets. >>> the nfl playoffs start on say day. baltimore plays in denver and green bay will be at san francisco. on sunday, seattle visits the top-seeded atlanta falcons and houston will be at new england. in hawaii at the pga sony open, k.j. choy's ball lands directly on top of the ball of webb simpson. simpson got a birdie and choy recovered with a par but that's a shot you do not see every day. >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by new just for men autostop. gray is over. >>> just ahead, justin timberlake and beyonce have big plans to share with everyone. >>> plus, a real-life rescue with just in the nick of time ending. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. and welcome back. >>> we've got pretty seasonable air from seattle down to california. it is 11 right now in billings, montana. that's th
will not be playing for the jacksonville jaguars next season. he said he can't match nan not being a jacksonville jaguars even if released by the jets. >>> and baltimore plays dense the broncos and green bay will be in san francisco. sunday, seattle visits the top-seeded atlanta falcons and houston been at new england. >>> and in ohio, at the open, k.j. choi hit his tee shot on the green, his ball lands on the ball of webb simpson. that's a shot you don't see every day. >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by new just for men autostop. gray is over. >>> just ahead, justin timberlake and beyonce have big plans to share with everyone. >>> plus, a real-life rescue with just in the nick of time ending. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. and welcome back. we've got a lot of warm air trying to move into the eastern seaboard. right now, it's already 60 degrees in atlanta and temperatures are going to warm up nicely in the east coast but that also means it's going to start to cool down in the midwest. 41 in minneapolis. 45 in new york. the showers you're seeing in the foreca
jenti ti jen -- >>> tim tebow will not be playing for his hometown jacksonville jaguars next season. the team's new general manager said he can't imagine a scenario in which tebow will be a jacksonville jaguar, even if he is released by the new york jets. >>> the nfl playoffs this weekend start saturday with baltimore playing in denver against peyton manning and the broncos and green bay will be at san francisco. on sunday, seattle visits the top-seeded atlanta falcons. houston will be at new england. >>> and in hawaii at the pga sony open, a tee shot on the par three 17th hole. his ball lands on top of another ball. that's a shot you don't see every day. >>> and now for another look at the weather. here's nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer. >> it's nice to be here. we are going to see a really nice weekend across the east coast. elsewhere, it is going to cool off quite a bit. we've got 13 degrees in billings, montana, where the snow continues to fall. that whole area stretching down into salt lake city. we could end up with another 6 to 10 inches of snow with that snowstorm going on ou
at the end of the year. >>> great white shark alert. police in jacksonville beach say don't go in the water. shark researchers advise they spotted a great white shark they named mary lee just 200 yards offshore yesterday. the researchers say when the shark was tagged in september, it was 16 feet long and weighed almost 3500 pounds. they're tracking her using gps technology. and, no, i won't go in the water. >> we'll actually be talking to the scientist who helped track mary lee and i'll ask him how he'll keep me safe. >> don't go in the water. very simple. >> risk of a shark attack is almost nothing, john. especially since you're in new york in a suit in the studio. >> but i'm standing next to -- well, never mind. 19 after the hour. time for early read, your local news making national headlines. from the lehigh valley, a spike in flu cases taking its toll on pennsylvania's lehigh valley. an emergency tent has been set up to see patients with flu-like symptoms outside of the regular emergency room. there is widespread flu activity in more than 40 states across the country, 1 deaths
malarkey after a 2-14 campaign. why is it interesting? because the new jacksonville general manger is a guy named david caldwell. he could be the next head coach and the jags need that quarterback. >>> st. marys up north against gonzaga and trailing by 18 at the half. st. marys down by four now. too little too late, gonzaga wins 83-78. >>> oregon doing it to harwood. they upset number four arizona. first lost of the season for them. daly, and the pants say it all. daly eight strokes back you know those pants are made here in the bay area. >> really? >> the name of the company that makes the pants. >> it slips me names right now. >> who makes those? >> loud mouth pants, john daly. >> i think you should wear them. >> look good on you, though. ,,,,,,
. marili sorprendiÓ a todos cuando asomÓ en las costas de jacksonville, y provocÓ llamadas al 911. y pidiÓ a los salvavidas que se aseguraranue nadie nade ahÍ. >>> las posibilidades de encontrarse un tiburÓn asÍ son casi mÍnimas. esta tiburÓn no estÁ sola, le sigue otro llamado jenny, que estÁ entre 30 o 60 millas de la costa, biologos e investigadores estÁn analizando estos escualos como parte de un nuevo programa que se dedica a estudiar a los tiburones blancos. >>> es un gran esfuerzo entre la universidad y los colaboradores. y no se puede pretecir que direcciÓn tomara, se asomo cerca de la costa, la policÍa pide a la gente que no se meta al agua mientras marili estÉ en el Área. >>> no es para menos que hayan generado temor entre los nadadores o pescadores, ya que son animales carnÍvoros, y pueden detectar pequeÑas gotas de sangre a tres millas de distancia. >>> gracias. >>> vamos con enrique y un adelanto para lo que preparan para esta noche. >>> hoy: miembros armados del alguacil joe arpaio comenzaron a patrullar las escuelas. y le contaremos las historias detrÁs del ho
was the assistant quarterbacks head coach for jacksonville. >> ama: we have an update on breaking news. you're taking a live look at this wet mess >> ama: an update on breaking news in san leandro. a water main break is causing a huge mess. foothill boulevard is closed between carolyn street and manchester street, and water is forcing the shutdown of one onramp and offramp on interstate 580. >>> you probably heard of rude waiters. one waiter is getting cheers for refusing to serve one family. >> and how much "two buck chuck" is going to cost you now. >>> world news is coming up next. >>> this is "world news." tonight, breaking news. a deadly crisis over. at least 23 hostages dead. and tonight, the american toll. the stories emerging of survival. the first pictures of the hostages who were able to escape. the horror they had to walk pass. >>> point blank. the shocking moment. the close call caught on tape. a gunman taking aim on live television. everyone survived. but this evening, how did he get in and how did he come so close? >>> breaking his silence. for the first time, football giant ma
'son to be their new offensive coordinator. olson spent this past season in jacksonville as the jag wars' assistant head coach, quarterbacks coach. >> college hoops, david shaw courtside for stanford and cal. powell led all towerrers. cardinal by eight at the half. crabbe, finished with 14. both teams shooting less than 36% in the game. jason with the layin. two of his 15. cardinal win, 69-59. >> us sf and lmu lions. diggers 18-7, helping the cause. these aren't good highlights for you. second half, the laney and the foul. usf up nine. the big three with less than three minutes to go. usf off he schneid. 62-53 the final. >> i'm going to be griewt -- brutally hospital is a. a i don't think brian wilson we return. that's what brian saban told the new york post. saban attending a reception for the new york giants historical society. wilson wants a long-term deal. the giants only willing to offer an incentive laden one year deal. >> hockey. sharks start tomorrow against the blackhawks. the party didn't last long. one-timer, 1-0 hawks. chicago's three goals in the first. another to open the second. jona
season he was an assistant coach for jacksonville. before that, he spent four seasons with tampa bay including of a fencive coordinator. raiders hired bobby april. he has experienced. he's been an nfl special teams coach since 1991. >>> the big horn sheep have a great view this week. phil mick elson was -- was closed to missing the putt. about 181 yards. lefty is still 11 back of the leader. how about a guy named scott stalling? he shot a 9 under 63. he eagles the eighth hole. >>> warriors are in new orleans. david lee is not playing. we'll have highlights tonight and more nfc championship preview with joe in atlanta. >> thank you, fred. >>> and our coverage continues with tonight's 10:00 news. we have a crew there in san leandro looking further into the deadly shooting near th
de jacksonville en 1996. por otro lado los ravens que tambiÉn ganaron su division desde hace varios dÍas jugaron su ultimo partido de tramite en cincinnati y perdieron 23-17 ante los bengals, dos equipos que utilizaron suplentes porque ya estaban clasificados. a continuaciÓn te presentamo s la situaciÓn actual en los playoffs de la afc y la nfc en camino al super bowl xlvii (47) en el mercedes-benz superdome de nueva orlÉans el prÓximo domingo 3 de febrero. por la afc, por la ronda de comodines, el sabado 5 de enero a las 4.30 de la tarde los texans reciben a los bengals y el domingo los ravens a la una de la tarde reciben a los colts, mientras tanto los broncos y patriots solo esperan ganadores de estos partidos. la final de conferencia sera el 20 de enero. por la nfc tambiÉn se inicia el sÁbado cuando los packers reciban a partir de las 8 de la noche a los vikings y el domingo a las 4.3 de la tarde los redskins reciben a los seahawks, mientras tanto los 49ers y los falcons solo estÁn esperando a los ganadores de estos partidos. la final de la nfc tambiÉn serÁ domingo
presentaran maÑana ante legisladores en jacksonville, luego continuaran rumbo a washington d.c donde esperan llegar el 20 de enero, fecha en que el presidente barack obama juramentará a su segundo termino.., iris delgado, noticias univision florida central. ...quedese en sintonia..que en unos momentos.. optimismo en el gobierno.. secretaria del trabajo asegura se crearon empleos a pesar de largas negociaciones para evitar el abismo fiscal. leve probabilidad de precipitaciones y copos de nieve para maÑana sabado en horas de la noche... detalles de este pronostico hay buenas noticias en la crearon nuevos puestos de empleos..el departamento de trabajo anuncio que ademas la tasa de desempleo se mantuvo igual y tiene esperanzas que la situacion mejore. maria rosa lucchino con la informacion. ..a pesar de la incertidumb re... y los debates sin fin en el congreso y el senado por llegar a un acuerdo para evitar el abismo fiscal.. se crearon 155-mil nuevos puestos de empleo en el mes de diciembre...."no fue una cataste los empleadores cerraron sus puertas y dijeron que no se necesitan
in jacksonville, taking on northwestern in the gator bowl. bulldogs' pass is intercepted as he takes it 29 yards to the house. wildcats strike first and often. northwestern beat mississippi state 34-20. they snapped college football's longest losing streak. it was 1939 in the rose bowl. >>> time to announce the high school sports game of the week poll. the first of the new year with several good games to choose from this week. a good game in silver springs as they visit spring brook on the girl's side of fairfax. visit them when the u.s.a. today high school sports will announce the winner on thursday tonight. >>> the washington redskins still have some football left in this season, but it doesn't mean you can't take a look ahead to next year. the skins 2013 list of opponents was released today. here is the home and away list. aside from their normal divisional opponent, they will face the nfc north and west this season. it will be a tough game at home for the san francisco 49ers. on the road look at that as mike shanahan will return to his former stomping grounds and face the denver broncos. the
and we will see you then. the irish led miami and northwestern in jacksonville fla. when the cats won their first bowl game in 64 years taking care of mississippi state. the and i you football program is back also. >> it will go next to the head of the monkey we haven't won a ball game isn't like 12 like 12 hours. this shouldn'task for the huskies the heavily favored florida state. he blew away the huskies in the final period if i didn't make that for like we are talking about it gives a lot of us hope. it's really hard but i'm excited for the program and i'm excited for what they're going to do in the future. now that the bulls are coming off a low point in the season we open the new year in orlando and quickly regained tonight. the bulls went 96-94. midway in the second half. 68- 61. a career mark of 70 and 71. 17 in 10 years in the big-league that is bouncing around quite a bit. i think everyone likes me. for whatever reason or another the only thing that i take from it is that as long as people are going out and trying to get me on the team that says a lot. the nhl talk
." 3 aad another coaching casualtyy to report...éaftee a 2-14 season, the jacksonville jaguarstoday fired mike mularkey...this after juusone &pseason on the jjb...he is the eighth head coaah to lose is job since theregular eason ended...of those 14 losses, 8 were by 6 pponts or more, and-3 thht gennrally will get youu fired in the nfl. 3 pt's time to announce our high school game of the week wwnner...brought tt you by varsityyssorts network dot com... city this week...for poly at edmondson in boys hoops...tune in tomorrow ight for the -3 highlights... 3that's all for sports unlimited...i'm bruce cunninghamm..tune in o fox45 porning news tomorrow -- starting at 5-am.goodnight. goodnight. -3 vr toxic waste green. that is disgusting. you know, revulsion has
. track her on this website. over the last 72 hours, you can see how close she came to jacksonville beach yesterday. 200 yards. >> wow. that visual, poor jacksonville board of tourism. >> 200 yards from the beach. chris fisher, the founder of o-search, tracking mary lee. how unusual to have a shark of that side or any shark 200 yards from the beach in jacksonville? >> well, good morning. what we're finding with mary lee, she is very coastal. it shocked us all. no one knew what was going to happen, where she was going to go when we tagged her last september in cape cod and she's shown us, she's a very coastal animal. why did she cruise straight to the southeast and begin living on the beaches between jacksonville and north carolina? opening a whole new set of questions up for our chief scientist out of massachusetts. ist really been thrilling. we're seeing from her she's very coastal. >> what else have you noticed in what you are tracking from her? when you say coastal, i think shark on the beach. what is interesting for scientists to see? >> well, in other parts of the world we see big wh
tracked her within 200 yards of jacksonville beach off florida. they had to call and warn the people of jacksonville she was so close to the beach. she's been a very busy girl since then. mary lee traveled hundreds of miles north and now very close to north carolina's outer banks near hateras. you can follow her any time you want. just go to o search's website. chris fisher is the founder of o search. he's been calling authorities when mary lee gets too close for comfort. now it seems a little too close for comfort off the coast of north carolina, chris. >> yeah, good morning, john. i was shocked again yesterday when she was very near a place in north carolina. now she rounded hateras. phenomenal to see her movements throughout the southeast. she is shocking all of us, including the scientists. in the last week she's moved from charleston up the beach to myrtle beach. she's rounded cape fear, cape lookout and now at hateras. you know, really expecting her to turn back south. it's a little bit too early in the winter for i guess a snow shark to be heading north. we feel like she'll he
area. >> thanks very much. this may not seem like 49 news but it is. the jacksonville jaguars fired head coach mike mularkey after one season just two days after they hired new general manager david caldwell. caldwell played in college with greg roman. there are numerous reports saying roman will be a top candidate in jacksonville to replace mularkey once the 49ers playoff run is over. one final note will go to college football. 13 football schedule released today. stanford, they get oregon at home november 7th. they host notre dame november 30th. and the big game going down november 23rd. that's a look at sports for now. raj and the gambler. going to go to the gambler on this one. >> absolutely. >> who do you like on saturday? the gambler. >> niners, of course. >> okay. that sounds good. i agree with you on that one. do you give the points? >> oh, my gosh. i think it's going to be like by 14 the niners are going to win. >> oh, my. >> raj is going to talk to you after the show. he and i want to place a bet with that. >> we need to discuss that. >> over or under? >> for a full half h
important family in jacksonville, and for a period of time he was the leading way politician in the state of illinois. not abraham lincoln. and it's only harden who gets in the u.s.-mexico war that some people have argued makes lincoln's path forward and is wrote to the presidency possible because he is really under the shadow of john hardin before that happen. hardens them is fascinating and they are deeply, deeply affected by the u.s.-mexico war. let me tell you about the war, i'm assuming like most people you probably don't know a whole lot about it. the north american invasion as it's known in mexico begin with president james k. polk sent troops into disputed area between the rio grande rivers, with the intention of starting a war. poker wanted war. he was set on declaring war if the mexican army didn't want a debate. the day he found out that mexicans had crossed the rio grande and killed 14 soldiers in the disputed area, polk went to the cabinet and he said, you know, i think we should declare war against mexico. and his cabinet said, well, we really can't declare war because the m
england down to jacksonville, florida, and there's still more coming because the frontal boundary that will be the real game changer still has hours before it crosses our area. gary, the temperature dropped out here by 20 degrees, but it doesn't feel cold. it's well above normal even now for january. >> even though it's a lot cooler than it was with 72 for a high today, the temperature out there right now, 55 degrees, and how much -- that's like 11 degrees warmer than what we would have normally during the day this time year. sue had mentioned that we had a lot of rain reports around 1 1/2 inches. using doppler radar here most of the rain has really been i- 95 off to the north and west. the highest totals and these are just estimated by doppler radar, not perfect, but pretty good and we know the heaviest of the rain has been -- there's one little pocket in extreme north and western sections of fairfax county registering over 3 inches, but the majority of the rain, the heaviest band of rain, northern fauquier up into central loudon with you see 2.2 and then extreme northern section
to jacksonville, savannah and charleston. south carolina has the coldest morning in the northeast. >> new york and boston, doesn't even warm up to the freezing mark. mostly 20s from detroit to fargo. >> miami. >>> coming up, the richest of the rich. new names topping a list of the world's billionaires. >>> plus, apple's elves hard at work. signs of an all-new iphone after the start of the year. >>> and espn's hannah storm i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. you'll be able to
, dallas and midland. thunderstorms in from jacksonville to orlando and west palm beach. and flurries in western new york. >> 30s in boston and new york. upper 20s across the midwest. 40s from seattle to portland. >>> and when we come back, think your job is stressful? well, the new list of most stressful jobs is just out. >>> and flu cases are spiking far and wide right now. why this season is already so miserable for so many. >>> and capturing memorable moments from a day of firsts on capitol hill. >>> and welcome back, everyone. as we reported at the top of the broadcast, there's a positive preview ahead in today's all-important december employment report from the labor department. the adp private sector numbers show that businesses added 215,000 jobs last month. that's the best in ten months. >>> and it turns out 2012 was a very good year for auto sales in the u.s., which topped 14.5 million. the best in five years. chrysler, which is the smallest of detroit's big three, put up some of the biggest numbers, with sales jumping 21%. and ford's f-series trucks were america's best-sell
this hair cut since i was ten years old. [ laughter ] >> jacksonville needs a new coach because they fired mike larkey. keep an eye out on this guy. offensive coordinator greg norman. they were teammates and roommates at john carol university. >> one day of the steroid cloud kept anybody from getting to the hall of fame, major league baseball says they will start testing next season. the timing of the announcement comes one day after stars like barry bonds and roger clemens were left out of the hall. last season players were tested for human growth hormone but only during spring training. >> the warriors dropped the second game in a row for second time in the season. the washer years they preach defense but were outscored 60-34 and gasol just dominating. warriors have up coming a games against portland. miami heat, the spurs, nuggets and clippers but the coach mark jackson he doesn't worry about the opponents. >> we go game to game. if we do what we're supposed to do on the defensive end and also execute and take care of the basketball, we'll be just fine. >> this sports report brought to
. and they have given us the best chance to win. >> the jacksonville jaguars fired head coach, mike malarki monday. the jags gm is tight with 49er offensive coordinator. there is rampant speculation, roman will be high on calldwells candidates. speculation about the sharks schedule the we can put an end to some of us. they will open up on january 20th in calgary. hey, look who is back in san jose, yeah, joining in thursdays informal shark skate. the team awaits the official opening of training camp. jumbo look his team mates. ready for what will be a 4-game regular season sprint. >> i think everybody knows how important it will be. getting off off to a quick start. and you know definitely don't want to lose, three or four in a row. behind the eight ball. important to stay consistent. get off to a quick start. we should be familiar with the system. -up know, it's -- pretty much the same coaching staff. -up know, same kind of concepts. so hopefully the guys are ready to go and are in shape. you know, we were just, you know, hopefully hit the ground running. >> st. mary's basketball loses a tight gam
to hire me, i'll be ready. >> not anymore because today jacksonville hired gus bradley whose defense finished first in the nfl in points allowed. preliminary rosters for the world baseball classic today. giants will have ryan voguel song representing the red, white and blue. surgeo romo will represent their countries when the wbc begins in march. sandoval has a case of colitis. tiger woods and rory mcelroy teed off overseas. stand behind the camel. say cheese. woods with an up ask down day, four bogeys with this slow roller on 15. tiger chasing co-leaders. and up and down, holding out for a five under 65. 70, 69, gaelz the final. st. mary's now 14-4. look at that. over and over again. >> really this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> you're telling us frank gore had specifics? >> yes. let's say we call a simple hand off a dive layoff the plidel -- middle. i give it to you, you take it. i'm going give it to you. you're not sure if you're going to get the ball. he wants to know. >> right. >> this makes a big difference. >> yes. makes sense. >> join me tonight at 9:00, co
are tracking a great white shark off the coast of florida. jacksonville police sgt people to stay out of the water. a 16 ft., three 400 lb. great white shark was spotted about 50 mi. off the shore yesterday. a another great white shark was also spotted about 30 mi. off the coast. the sharks were tad last september are researchers in massachusetts. for the two sharks are wearing special gps tracking devices on their door so fence that also researches to see their roofs.routes. >> but it goes out a new york right now. scanner reports indicated the 17 people injured after a boat crashed in manhattan dock spread uc them being taken away and stretchers. about a dozen people have been injured. they're going to the hospital and this is where the accident happened. about 12 people are injured and this happened just about a half hour ago. when we receive more information we will bring ghetto you carry mom >>it to you. >> judgment day has arrived for barry bonds, roger clemens and sammy sosa to find out their hall of fame fates. with the clout of steroids strutting many candidates. baseball wri
, the winner is von cochran of jacksonville, florida, sent us his logo from his company black fly. he says the logo represents a lifestyle brand that combines fly fishing, art and adventure travel rolled into one. he wins a copy of our book "it's your business" a coveted "your business" coffee mug and i will call him to talk about how to tackle some of his company's challenges. congratulations. president obama will be inaugurated for his second term this week which means time is running out for today's elevator pitcher to capitalize on the event with his commemorative watches. >> hi. i'm jack goldenburg, president obama watches. >> nice to meet you. >> since 2008 we've sold 30 obama watches. it's not that hard because president obama is the political rock star of the free world. we've had watches like yes, we can, serious like "yes we can" and the biggest one is brot be rack around the clock." i came up with the idea around 2008 when i wore one obama watch to a party and wasn't planning to wear any more and the next day people called and asked where to get the watches. let me show you. th
deliberation, drum roll please, the winner is von cochran of jacksonville, florida, who sent us the logo from his company, black fly. he says it represents a lifestyle brand that combines fly fishing, art and adventure and travel all into one. he earns a book and a coveted "your business" coffee mug. congratulations. >>> president obama will be inaugurated for his second term this week which means that time is running out on the elevator picture to capitalize on the event with his commemorative watches. >> hi, i'm jack golden berg, president of obama watches. nice to meet you. since 2008 we have sold 30 obama watches. it's not that hard, he's the political rock star of the political world. the biggest watch is the barack around the clock. i wore one obama watch to the party, i wasn't planning to wear anymore. the next day five friends called or e-mailed me and said, where can i get the obama watches. this is the new inaugural watch. okay. >> cool. >> okay. i brought you each a watch. this is the yes we can watch. don't worry, we have -- >> i need the time to pay taxes watch. >> okay. we can't
of this very shark with gps and she swam 1,000 miles, from jacksonville, florida, all the way to new york. and she's still swimming out there tonight. >>> and a letter carrier reminded us today it is not always postman versus dog. here is the video that landed in our inbox. a mailman in cape cod, massachusetts, greeted at the white picket fence by a golden retriever, not with a snarl, but an enthusiastic offer of help. listen. >> go give it to them! that's all i got! have a nice day. go give it to them! best part of my day. >> nice part of our day, too. >>> and the one and only oprah today proved maybe you can be too popular on your birthday. look, there she is on her 59th, surrounded by flowers. among them, a giant arrangement from actor and director tyler perry. so big, oprah says she sprained her back lifting it. she tweeted, quote, in bed with an ice pack most of the day, end quote. perry responded, saying, next year, for oprah's 60th, she's going to get a single rose. and if there's something out there you see or hear or love for our "instant index," tweet it to me, @dianesawyer. >>>
lakes. showers and thunderstorms from southern texas to jacksonville, savannah and charleston. south carolina has the coldest morning in the northeast. >> new york and boston, doesn't even warm up to the freezing mark. mostly 20s from detroit to fargo. >> miami. >>> coming up, the richest of the rich. new names topping a list of the world's billionaires. >>> plus, apple's elves hard at work. signs of an all-new iphone after the start of the year. >>> and espn's hannah storm after a barbecue explosion. she'll talk abou >>> welcome back, everyone. wall street is ready for takeoff. the markets are expected to rally this morning after the late-night budget breakthrough in washington. the dow was up higher slightly on monday. the joy, don't need to be a debbie downer. probably going to be short-lived. other issues are also unresolved. >>> chief among those is the debt ceiling. the government has hit the limit on borrowing. and a new impasse on extending that limit is likely. republicans say they will insist on new spending cuts first. president obama says congress has an obligation to rai
was an all- pro in 2010, and played for the bears new defensive coordinator, mel tucker, in jacksonville. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. in medical watch. the nation's pediatricians are out with their first-ever type 2 diabetes guidelines for children. with childhood obesity rates on the rise, the new guidelines are aimed at managing weight- related diabetes among kids aged ten to 18. up to a third of diabetes cases being diagnosed among children and teens are type 2. which generally develops later in life. with type 2 diabetes, fat cells that enlarge with weight gain obstruct the body's ability to break down sugars. the new guidelines call on doctors to screen all obese children for diabetes. determine whether it's type 1 or 2 and encourage kids to get more exercise. eating britghtly colored fruits and vegetables could help prevent
york and cape cod. showers from florida to jacksonville, all the way to miami. >>> and finally this friday morning, a celebration of wit. >> pauline phillips, better known as dear abby, has died, leaving a legacy of humor and heart. her one-liners were a must-read for millions. >> here's abc's david wright on the woman behind the column. >> reporter: she was google and groucho all in one. delivering wise one-liners in answer to any question. a reader once asked, is it possible to get pregnant under water? her response, not without a man. her audience was bigger than oprah's. >> now, i asked her, what paper would you buy? >> i read the one that has dear abby. >> oh. >> reporter: fozzie bear's favorite. dexter's, too. >> dear abby, i'm a serial killer. >> reporter: because dear abby always judged problems with common sense -- without judging her readers too harshly. >> i'm a hillsboro housewife. i didn't have a social security number. i never worked a day in my life. >> reporter: pauline phillips told larry king she got her big break when she barged into the editor's office at "t
. they named tucker as the defensive coordinator from jacksonville. the runnings back coach is from the cowboys and he comes in from montreal. we finally began the hockey season day one of the black caucus tomorrow afternoon. enjoyed by the hawks just three years ago. it's going to be a pretty intense game i'm sure especially with what they have going on tomorrow. it seems like we want to get that feeling back in here. we went through that process just how hard it is to get back cup. big names in golf missed the cut coming up short in dubai. hard to swallow. he is number one of course in the world, there he is. continue to play and caught fire. officials looked at the area and the world's 82 shot penalty out woods unbelievable. he wouldn't have made it. we don't know what he said yet. that is the news for this friday night. [ washer and dryer sounds ]
that front. how about we enjoy that anywhere from jacksonville, tampa, orlando included, is near-record temperatures. okay. >> and all of america's weather was brought to you by ally bank. >> we could feel you absorb that. >> i enjoyed the warmth for five seconds. >>> coming up here, why fiercely private jodie foster is revealing so much about her modern family. >>> and is beyonce crazy in love with being a mom? the superstar opening up about how she really feels about parenthood. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. better taste. better nutrition. capella university understands nurses are dealing with a than wider range of issues. and there are ever-changing regulations. when you see these challenges, do you want to back away
's part of a very, very important family in jacksonville, and for a period of time he was the leading wig politician in illinois, not abraham lincoln, and it's only hair din's death in the war that some argue makes lincoln's path forward and road to the presidency possible because he was under the shadow of john before that happened. hardin's family is fascinating and deeply, deeply affected by the u.s. mexico war war. like most people, you probably don't know a lot about it. the north american invasion as it was known in mexico began when president polk sent troops into a disputed areas between the rio grand rivers with the intention of starting a war. polk wanted more. he was set on declaring war if the mexican army didn't rise. the day before he found out that mexicans crossed the river and killed 14 soldiers in the disputed area, polk said, you know, we have to declare war against mexico. the cabinet said we can't because they have not done anything. we sent 4,000 american troops down into land that mexico thinks is theirs, and we're waiting for something to happen. it has not happene
as well. the tickets have been sold out. >>> according to multiple records, the jacksonville jaguar's coach has been hired. olson has six years experience as an offensive coordinator in the nfl. >>> nfl encouraging the fans to experience the games in person. getting instant replay on your phone, ordering snacks on your phone and even finding the shortest bathroom line. >> there's a much broader experience that you will be able to get in the long run which brings that everyday, what you want to do as a consumer with the smart devices and being able to do it while you are enjoying the sporting event. >> now, the 49ers stadium is expected to be high-tech. the fans will be able to use their smart phones to be able to pay for just about everything. >>> we're coming up on 9:00. coming up, why the tsa has decided to no longer use the controversial body scanners. >>> 're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right?
in jacksonville. and they were looking at the murder rate of young -- in this case, it was discussing young black men between the ages of 12 and 19, that that is the leading cause of death for them, homicide. >> absolutely. >> and if we can't -- and his point was, a lot of the kids are born with young, poor mothers and if we can reach these kids before they reach the age of 8 -- >> let me jump in here. i think you're absolutely right. i think there are two different issues here, though. one is to stop mass assaults with the assault weapons with going into schools and places of work. and then there's the other thing, people killing each other on the streets, adults killing each other and some of them are young kids. >> the murders in chicago and atlanta -- and the other thing has got to be stricter enforcement and incarceration. last here in atlanta, we had an atlanta police officer that was shot. the individual -- and fortunately the officer was hit in the chin, he's going to survive. the individual who shot him is a convicted felon. he was arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer and
entire christmas break here. she's a sophomore at syracuse. >> it's sports time. the jacksonville jaguars to fire their head coach. mike mulberry has become the eighth player to call it ghost since the end of the season. mall hrar can i was fired -- malarky was fired at the end of the season. could quarterback tim tebow be out of a job? tebow is a jacksonville native and will most likely be released by the jets. jaguars new g.m. put those rumors to rest. >> he is a member of the new york jets, so i can't imagine a scenario where he would be a jacksonville jaguar. >> say that again. >> i can't imagine a scenario where he'd be a jacksonville jaguar. even if he's released. >> the question now becomes is there a team out there willing to give tebow a chance? football fans, get ready for another weekend of playoff games as the divisional round gets underway. the ravens against the broncos. on sunday the houston texans take on the new england patriots. >>steve: should be a big weekend for sports. ladies and gentlemen, katie o'brien. [applause] >>steve: today is her last day. you want to be in c
watching his alma mater the florida gators in the sugar bowl. figure on tebow playing for jacksonville next year. 15 seconds into the game, driscoll's pass tipped and floyd returns it for a 38-yard touchdown. 7-0 louisville in a flash. second quarter, theville leading 17-3. opening kickoff of the second half. desperation move. florida
coordinator in four years he was in jacksonville and then tampa bay as the bucs offensive coordinator. his job make darren mcfadden a 1200-yard rusher. they also hired bobby april, as special teams coach. >>> well we're just about 13 hours away from the kickoff of the nfc championship game and our own joe fonzi is already in atlanta, where he says the 49ers consider this a business trip. >> reporter: for the 49ers tomorrow is a chance to take care of unfinished business. they started the season with the goal to returning to the nfc championship game, but this time making it all the way to the super bowl. >> i think everybody really knows what to expect. i think everybody is very, very focused. we kind of realize that we just have to play 49er football as we have all season. we don't have to go outside of ourselves and do anything crazy, just play the way we have been all year and the execution that we have and carry last week's game into this week's game and everything will be fine. >> i feel like it's home for us. it's nothing new for us. media attention, the fans, a lot of people in the st
dennis miller. the tip, 60 seconds away >> tip. day about dennis miller in a moment. and jacksonville, florida, thanks for making me laugh out loud ending your talking points with the hillary clinton teflon line. and from pennsylvania, you're being a hypocrite criticizing hillary. not as harsh on condoleezza rice, colin powell or president bush during the weapons of mass destruction iraq war controversy. from connecticut, bill, it's so obvious, i should say, obvious fox news is trying to help liberals. feature smart attractive liberals like kirsten powers and juan williams. wait a second, you're saying that you think that juan williams is attractive. high definition tv? fort worth, texas, a conservative test nation? and dallas, houston, el paso are all liberal areas. and not entirely, but austin is close. from california in marin county if you disagree with a liberal they go ballistic. ignore it, go to tib erin a nice dinner overlooking the bay. and from newport beach, you and miller owe the justice an apology, it was a replica of the one that thomas more wore when he defy the king's
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